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Bringing Out the Beauty: Tips to Finish Wood in Your Home Decor

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Wood brings warmth, character, and a bit of nature to your home decor. But raw wood needs a little wooing to shine in all its glory. A perfect finish can accentuate the grain, bring shine to your piece, protect the item, and tie your whole decor together. So, whether you’re refreshing a vintage find or putting the final touches on a DIY project, let us give you some advice on how to get the best wood finishes at your house.

Choosing Your Weapon (Finish)

The world of wood finishes is vast, but here are a few popular choices:

Stain: It brings out the theme or pattern in the wood. An oil-based stain brings out the color and pattern of the wood, while a water-based stain soaks into the wood to make a more noticeable, richer look.

Varnishes: A colorless one used for protection may offer various shines (gloss, satin, matte) according to taste. Polyurethane is one of the most used varnishes because of its durability.

Shellac: Classic finish. Dries quickly and gives off an amber, warm hue. Very good on delicate pieces or may be used as a base coat for another finish.

Considering the Substrate

It may also depend on the kind of wood one is working with, for the choice of finish. For example, hardwoods like oak or maple take the stain very well; however, softer woods like pine may do much better with a painted finish.

Note the following with care in mind: some finishes will not adhere well to manufactured wood products like solid wood, plywood, or blockboard.

Prep is Key

A perfect finish starts with a perfect surface. Sand your wood to a glass-smooth finish by working progressively through the grits from a coarse grade like 120 and going finer to a grit like 220. To apply smoothly, wipe off the excess dust with a tack cloth.

Applying the Finish

Apply stain with a rag or brush, following the direction of the wood grain. Wipe off any remaining liquid with a clean rag. More intense colors can be obtained by applying extra coats. Varnish/Shellac: Use a good quality brush and apply in smooth strokes. Work in thin, even coats, allowing each to dry before the application of another. Sand lightly between coats for a super-smooth finish.

As always, test on scrap wood before you commit to finishing the whole project with your chosen finish. You’ll be able to see what your final results would have looked like and change your technique if need be this way.

Thinking Beyond Color

Finish isn’t all about color! Think of the sheen you want. The higher glosses really throw the light around and seem to highlight imperfections more, while the matte finishes hide them better. Satin is a good compromise. Embrace the Natural Beauty: Wood with unique patterns in the grain or knots can be left natural, finished with a clear finish to emphasize the characteristics for a bit of rustic in the bedroom. So, with a little bit of thought and the aid of these tips, you will be able to turn out wood finishes that are a showpiece for your home décor and natural wood beauty. Happy finishing!

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