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How to create an at home garage  

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Keen to embrace your inner-mechanic? An at home garage could be the solution to help you scratch that itch. Whether you plan to maintain your own car, or you fancy yourself a bit of a hobbyist, working on other cars in your spare time, a well-managed garage system is key. Here’s how you can get started.

The right equipment

First and foremost, like a true mechanic, you’ll need the right equipment. What type of jobs do you plan to do? This could involve changing the oil, topping up fluids or tending to a paint scratch. Alternatively, you might have more extensive car maintenance projects in mind, such as replacing a car battery or changing your spark plugs. 

Regardless, different types of equipment will be required depending on the task ahead. Bear in mind that it’s important to invest in the right items and products. The wrong tools could damage your car and even cause injuries. From choosing the right lubricant for your car to buying a good quality torque wrench, make sure you’re investing in the best.

Think about storage

Although you might not think it, there are lots of ways to get creative when it comes to garage equipment storage. Tool racks are a good place to start – this saves you from rummaging around a messy toolbox, plus it keeps things neatly stored and out of the way, therefore reducing hazards. 

You can also look into floating metal shelves, a pegboard or magnetic strips, which are all great methods of keeping tools off the floor and maintaining a tidy at home garage. If you’re keen to tidy the place up even further, you can use cupboards to stow your tools away behind closed doors, which again, will help to prevent any damage to your equipment.

Prioritise safety

As with anything involving machinery, tools or anything heavy, safety is key. Motor vehicle repair and associated industries are exposed to several risks. You should take heed of any health and safety advice that mechanics abide by if you’re due to follow in their footsteps. You’ll need plenty of space to move around in, plus you should have sufficient ventilation, ensure nothing is suspended above the limit weight of a pulley and where appropriate, you should wear PPE.

Keep it clean

Organisation is great, but keeping the space clean is just as important. It coincides with the goals of reducing hazards in your workshop space, by removing objects that could be tripped over or sharp equipment that could cause an injury. It can also help to protect your tools and keep them in good condition. Schedule in some time to clean the space every so often. It may be a big job, but it will be beneficial in the long-term and will help you stay on top of maintaining your tools and equipment too.

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