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5 SEO Tips for Dentists

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There is often an assumption that professionals in dentistry can rely on their experience and expertise to gather new patients. While recommendations and word of mouth can be useful, they are not sure ways to grow your database and make sure you have new patients coming in the door. Instead, there are steadier and more reliable ways to ensure your dental clinic is popular. One way is by working on SEO.

There are now a lot of people that will look for a dentist on Google. Your goal is to ensure your name gets mentioned first. Here are five SEO tips for dentists and how you can achieve this.

Create Insightful Content

You have probably heard that creating quality content is something that is important for your website. Indeed, this is true, and it means creating content for webpages, as well as keeping an active blog. It is an opportunity to use keywords and includes links, plus providing fresh content for Google to take an interest in.

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But, something you want to make sure you are doing is creating insightful and informative content for clients. Remember that this is what is going to make your visitors stay on your site and make an appointment for your dental services. You want to construct the content to be interesting and then focus on optimising. You can always get help when it comes to dental SEO. There are agencies out there that have experienced teams that can help with creating content, as well as including keywords and links.

Have a Google Business Profile

Does your dental business appear on Google Maps? If the answer to this question is no, then you need to change this. It can help clients find you, and you can optimise your profile to help with your ranking. This is going to include adding information concerning your practice, such as a phone number, image and description.

Something you definitely want to do on your Google business profile is to include keywords. Of course, this helps you rank for relevant searches when clients are looking for a new dental practice to join.

Remember Local Searches

Something that is very important is optimising your website for local searches. After all, think about it. When you are searching for a dentist, you want to find one that is near to you and in your local city. Nobody wants to travel for hours to see a dentist. Thus, you want to be optimising your content for local searches, which can include using local keywords.

The good thing about local SEO is that you can get results faster. For example, there is going to be lower competition on certain keywords, which can help you rank at the top of Google. So, this is definitely something that you want to include in your strategy.

Build Backlinks

Something else you want to include in your SEO strategy is building backlinks. This is going to help boost your ranking on Google because each link from another website works like a recommendation. They are telling the search engine that you are trustworthy and are offering something valuable to users.

There are a number of ways you can build backlinks. For example, you can right guest posts to feature on other blogs. Alternatively, you can naturally build backlinks by creating authoritative content. Then, people will want to link to you.

Optimise for Mobile

Have you ever viewed your own website on a smartphone? This is definitely something you want to do. You have to ensure that all of your pages load quickly as well as properly. Sometimes, the design of your website will not work out on a mobile device. For example, images can be huge, or the user has to scroll for ages to see words. As a result of having a poor experience, users will click off your website.

Therefore, make sure that you spend time optimising your website for mobile. A lot more people are searching on their phones, and this includes looking in their local area for services. So, you want to ensure that your site functions properly and loads quickly.

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