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Common Behavioral Patterns at a Poker Game

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Picking up on the play and behavior can help poker players to determine the strength of a hand. Changes in demeanor, attitude, or betting activity in opponents can be revealing. Every small advantage against opponents can lead to more success.  

Verbal and non-verbal communication

Some players are generally outgoing and talk a great deal at the table. If they suddenly become quiet, it is likely to indicate a change in play is coming. Some players are able to use their words to create confusion. However, most players aren’t any good at faking non-verbal responses. Their body language is often revealing.

When playing online poker, it isn’t possible to use body language to observe tells, but there are other indicators players can use when using a real money poker app to play online. They need to keep in mind timing and bet size. For example, players with a strong hand may not be able to help themselves from quickly snap calling or raising.  

Frequent limpers

Limping isn’t a good poker strategy and generally exposes a weak or average hand. Calling rather than raising or folding is one of the biggest mistakes players can make pre-flop. When players limp, it makes it easier for other players to get a good idea of the types of hands that make them likely to limp or raise. This gives other players an edge when playing against them. 

In online casinos, players will look for limpers because they don’t know how to get the most value out of their hands. Low-stakes games will see plenty of limpers online. Regardless of the makeup of limping ranges, good players can exploit their passivity.   

Early lookers

One behavior pattern of poker players is to look at their cards before the action reaches them. Players usually have their guard down when the action isn’t on them. Most of them will give off tells that they plan to fold while waiting for other players to act. Sometimes these subconscious tells are very obvious with the bottom of their ranges.

Different playing styles

Top poker players will try to determine the playing style of each player at the table. There will always be players who overreact and can’t control their emotions. These players will have a hard time mastering poker. Following a bad beat, they will typically make reckless decisions. Opponents with a conservative playing style are likely to fold as quickly as they check.

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