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EClinicalWorks vs Drchrono: The Final Showdown 2022 

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eClinical EMR is a time-tested and award-winning healthcare solution. It provides services to 130,000 providers and more than 850,000 medical professionals nationwide. All thanks to its years of experience. eClinicalWorks EMR serves over 50 specialties, including ambulatory care and urgent care. The fact that this solution provides both web-based and on-premise choices is an addition. It has a vast customer base and so captures a sizable market share because of this. In its most recent update, this ground-breaking system provides a virtual assistant. 

This is for improved patient safety. Doctors can compare recent and old medical records, among other things, thanks to it. Furthermore, it provides a risk assessment tool to identify vulnerable patients. DrChrono is a system that fits the needs of your business and specialization. You may use features that save you time, guarantee the reliability, and provide you the versatility that you won’t find on other systems. To address problems with the healthcare system, DrChrono was founded in 2009. It is to make sure that the standard of treatment keeps rising. DrChrono serves tens of thousands of clinicians and millions of patients. The first EHR to produce an iPad and iPhone app was this one. 

eClinicalWorks EHR 

 eClinicalWorks provides over 850,000 doctors in more than 20 countries with EHR and PM solutions. Both small and large medical practices use eClinicalWorks. Both across the nation manage their front-, mid-, and back-office operations. Doctors can use eClinicalWorks to organize their data. Electronic clinical records, practice the board, and clinical archive the executives. The entire office can work together as a cohesive team with eClinicalWorks. 

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The software offers access from a desktop computer, tablet PC, handheld PDA device, etc, to deliver better patient care. More than 40 specializations and subspecialties have their demands met by eClinicalWorks. Specialty-specific tools made with physician input are available to providers. Built-in Registry Reporting additionally offers healthcare quality indicators and patient sickness management. The products from eClinicalWorks are original, affordable and usable. The largest Cloud network among all EHR systems is that of eClinicalWorks. 

eClinicalWorks EHR Key Features 


With the eClinicalWorks EMR software, you can use a fantastic template. This is because the system may search through various templates and select the one that best suits your needs. Additionally, it allows you to alter the template to make it more helpful. You may generate client notes using the template tool. This is one of the features that are most in eClinicalWorks assessments. 

Patient Portal 

The patient portal serves as the foundation for this reliable EMR vendor. For the comfort and convenience of patients, eClinicalWorks built this solution. The doctors that use this software claim that it has enhanced the patient’s experience. All documents, including a previous history, charts, progress notes, lab tests, and invoices, are available. The portal includes instructional resources. It also aids in engaging patients. 

No Errors 

The frequent handwriting and readability issues, manual data entry, etc, are prone to errors. When you record online rather than on paper, you can be confident that your data is accurate and don’t have to worry about handwriting mistakes.  

eClinicalWorks EMR Pricing 

The expense of eClinical EMR must be taken into account by all doctors. The EHR-only module can be available for $449 per month per user. Additionally, the Practice Management solution’s EHR is $599 a month. Extra features are the cause of the variance in the pricing structure. 

eClinicalWorks Software Demo 

eClinicalWorks offers a free demo on its website, which users can schedule whenever they like. 

eClinicalWorks EHR Reviews 

Online reviews show that the software is quite robust, praiseworthy, and offers a great patient portal. Moreover, the templates are also very customizable.  

DrChrono EMR 

Two entrepreneurs launched DrChrono EMR in 2009 with the healthcare department patients. They thus set out to create an EMR platform that would automate and cut down on duplicate processes. Advanced healthcare features are available for practices of all sizes and specialties. The whole range of medical solutions includes a portal, smartphone app, and practice management. 

Not just this but also healthcare billing, telemedicine, revenue cycle monitoring etc. Tens of thousands of clients are currently served by DrChrono, which has a client base of over 17 million. Because of its simplicity of use, DrChrono EHR is well-liked by healthcare professionals. You can use it from any location because it is cloud-based. 

DrChrono EHR Features 

Medical Billing 

This renowned vendor offers a unique billing module to each and every one of its clients. To maximize financial cash flow, it provides complete billing solutions and processes. Along with the typical medical billing functionalities that EHR platforms offer, it also has a few unique features. 


It completely changes the issue for you if your EHR package has a scheduling feature. This makes it easier for you to set up appointments and also helps you organize your day to schedule as many clients as you can. Additionally, the program features a standby feature that enables it to schedule a new patient if someone cancels quickly. 

Patient Portal 

These days, you shouldn’t pick software that doesn’t have a patient portal. This is so that you may run your practice in a modern environment. Through this portal, your patients may access their profiles. Including making appointments, seeing the schedule for the future, etc.  

You’ll have fewer responsibilities if you encourage your patients to participate in their therapy with you! 

DrChrono EMR Pricing  

Users of the software can download a free trial version, but the other price options are not made known. If users require a unique plan or preliminary estimate, they can contact the provider. 

DrChrono Software Demo  

With the DrChrono demo users can easily get a trailer of how the software works. 

DrChrono EHR Reviews 

Online reviews prove that the user satisfaction rate is high for the software. But sometimes it takes time to load. It also lags. 

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