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Expandable Rubber Stem Installation

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For commercial purposes, you can use expandable rubber adapters in the kitchen or on mop buckets. Rubber stem casters are easy to install in several tube sizes, and it works by expanding to fit tightly into the legs of the equipment or table. The round expandable adapters can fit in square tubes as they can expand to fill any gap tightly.

On the other hand, round adapters fit better than their square counterparts in square tubing. Therefore, when looking for places to buy casters online, avoid square expandable rubber stem adapters and go for the round options, as they’ll fit both square and round tubing.

What Is An Expandable Stem Caster?

Expanding stem casters are an excellent solution for tables and equipment with tube legs. They help adapt to easy movement or rolling objects, as the rubber stem easily adapts to square or round tubing. Although it may seem daunting, it’s easy to install in a commercial kitchen if you acquire the right size to match the tube.

Caster wheels are available to match the purpose and floor type, from soft to hard rubber for non-marking and nonfattening polyurethane. Caster wheels make work easier and save time since rolling or moving things around is quick. Here’s why you need casters.

  • For easy, quick movement of heavy-duty commercial equipment.
  • Casters lighten and mobilize mop buckets, handcarts, and trash cans.
  • They help make cleaning walk-ins and storage areas easier.

The expandable rubber adapter works by expanding to fit the tubing of your equipment. They vary in size ranging from 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″, 1-1/8″, 1-3/16″, 1-3/8″, 1-1/2″, and 1-3/4″ for industry tubing or table legs.

How To Install Expandable Rubber Stem Adapters

As mentioned earlier, you need rubber adapters for square and round tubing. The round option expands evenly to fill all gaps and hold the tube tightly, making movement easy and fast. Follow the steps below to install stem rubber adapters.

  1. Hold the swivel with the raceway and turn the Neural nut clockwise to expand the rubber. Turn the Neural nut to continue expanding the sleeve until it inserts into the tubing tightly.
  2. Now, insert the whole stem into the tube until it sits on the swivel raceway profusely.
  3. Rotate the swivel clockwise to allow for more expansion of the rubber sleeve inside the tubing. You can use a wrench to tighten the HEX NUT more to your satisfaction.

Expandable stem casters come in different styles but have a cylindrical top known as a stem. Place the stem mount casters at the bottom of equipment or objects.

Comparing Expansion Stem Casters To Traditional Stem Casters

From the title, expansion stem casters can expand inside objects. They’re helpful when rolling or moving large equipment. Hence, you fix them at the bottom of the object. A stem caster comprises wheels that, when fixed, can move carts, furniture, and heavy kitchen equipment.

All stem casters have a stem, but expansion stem casters are a specific style. While traditional stem castors have a grip that connects the stem to the tube, expandable stem casters can fit different tubes thanks to the stem rubber. You fix the expandable stem caster at the bottom of the object by inserting it into the tubing and turning it until it fits tightly.

Traditional stem castors don’t expand inside objects, as they have a grip neck or ring suited to fit specific tubes. Other stem casters are threaded, meaning they don’t have a smooth but resemble a bolt or screw. These options need installation by twisting into the threaded hole. As for expansion stem casters, they feature a hex nut under the lower raceway, and you can turn it using a wrench to fit securely in an open tube.

How To Choose Expansion Stem Casters

When purchasing expansion stem casters, consider the wheel material depending on the object and floor. Most of them are made from rubber stems with an adapter and are available in varying wheel materials. Some are hard rubber wheels, and others are from polyurethane, polyolefin, or steel wheels. Depending on the kind of duty they’ll perform, choose the load capacity that suits the need, varying between 200 and 350 pounds.

The stem size is essential for expandable stem casters because if it’s too long, it may not fit the tubing. Consider standard stem sizes, which are; 3, 4, and 5 inches. Expandable rubber stem casters resist oil, chemicals, water, and low temperatures. Additionally, they can endure exposure to the weather and reject floor debris like metal shavings.

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