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Fashionable Bridesmaid Dress Trends We’ll See Everywhere In 2023

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Sweat no more as we prepared a quick list of what will be hot in the bridesmaid dress scene in 2023. Take inspiration to ensure a cohesive yet modern look for your bridal party.

Trending Bridesmaid Dress Colours

Breeze through these trending bridesmaid dress colours to perfectly coordinate your ladies with your 2023 wedding theme.

Something Blue

If there is one colour that can give you instant royalty and regal vibes, that would be blue. So why not let your bridal party wear this classic hue on your wedding day? It’s a colour that always takes a spot on the trends list, can be dressed up or dressed down, and looks good on anyone: whether your lady is a pear-shaped princess or an hourglass-shaped queen.

By far, the drawing factor of blue bridesmaid dresses is their versatility. Light blue, navy blue, or royal blue bridesmaid dresses goes well with other colours like metallic hues and jewel tones. Any shade of blue suits most fabrics too. May it be a sequin fabric or a puffy tulle.  


Soft Green

Wedding dresses in shades of green flocked the social media feeds for 2022. But the influx of gowns and outfits in this fresh colour will continue in the coming year. You will still see sage or olive bridesmaid dresses, especially for spring and summer weddings. Many love this colour because it marries the casual and formal elegantly. It is a perfect colour to give your ladies a natural yet elegant look.

Moss green will take over fall and winter weddings. This rich shade of green gives a more formal, deep, and moodier feel to the celebration. The good thing about this colour is it pairs well with gold accessories and soft white flowers.


Romantic Rose

When it comes to timeless dress colours, the part red and part magenta, rose colour will always reign supreme. Its soft and romantic hue gives a classic feel and pairs well with other dusty colours, like sage greens, dusty blues, and ivory.

Other variations of this trending colour include rustic, desert, and vintage rose. They give a monochromatic and nostalgic vibe to any celebration.  

Warm Rust with Burnt Orange

Summer and late fall weddings will give the spotlight to toasty rust and burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. Burnt orange dresses are best for outdoor summer weddings. And rust-coloured satin or velvet gowns fit perfectly for the colder fall and winter celebrations. Imagine how both colours will pop out even more with a foliage background. Though these colours have been gracing boho and desert weddings, they will be more evident in traditional and modern celebrations.

Other similar colours you can consider are harvest gold, amber, sage, moss and toffee. They are earthy colours that remind you of sunset.  


Luxurious Jewel Tones

Consider the rich and saturated jewel tones if you still need to determine what colours to mix and match. Amethyst, Deep Ruby, Smokey Quartz, Deep Emerald, Victorian Blue and Tuscan Gold are excellent choices. For example, Amethyst or rich purple bridesmaid dresses make for a royal bridal party ensemble. Combining a shade or two, or even all of them, for bridesmaids’ dresses can assure you that your ladies will be a visual feast. 

Bold Black

No matter how many stylish colours take the trend list every year, nothing will ever look as classic, timeless, or elegant as a black dress. Though modern wedding practices are here, it is understandable why some brides still hesitate to dress their ladies in black gowns. But newsflash! It is one of the most beloved bridesmaid colours. It flatters every skin and body shape.

Trending Bridesmaid Dress Fabric


Bring out the character of your chosen trending bridesmaid dress colour (or colours) by selecting the best fabric.

Sleek Silk

Sexy and stylish, that’s how your ladies will be when they wear silk bridesmaid dresses. This light fabric can be used on many dress silhouettes, from chic slip dresses to elegant floor-length creations, making it a versatile choice. Silk bridesmaid dresses help ladies strike an effortless elegance that radiates all day. 

Lush Velvet

2022 featured the rise of velvet bridesmaid dresses, and there’s no stopping them this 2023. Velvet is a gorgeous fabric, especially when you touch its lush texture. Any creation from this fabric is a definite head-turner piece. And any wearer exudes effortless sophistication.

Classic Chiffon

Though trends will come, the classics will remain. Chiffon is a staple and will stay a staple fabric in the wedding scene for 2023. Bridesmaid dresses in this fabric are light, pretty, and flattering. And ladies look ethereal, feminine, and charming.

Trending Mix and Match Ideas

The mixing and matching game for 2023 will level up. It will no longer be about different shades of the same colour, complementary colours, and different dress styles. It will instead be about playing with separates and coordinates. Think about matching tops with skirts or pants. Elevate the overall look with accessories like wraps, shawls, and capes. A removable tulle overskirt atop a jumpsuit will also be a popular wedding fashion.

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