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How Audience-Driven Games Change the eGaming Industry

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The power of the Internet connection has granted us an opportunity to alter projects by mere supervision and reaction. Thus, nowadays, the audience has tons of chances to impact the production. Of course, this peculiarity of the information society did not leave the gaming industry behind. And here is how audience-driven games make the gaming industry evolve and cultivate novel interactions. 

A Bit of Backstory: Streaming Media Were the Catalysts 

Livestreaming communication was the impetus to developing the culture of LetsPlays. Before that, the player and the game were the only partakers of the communication. In other words, players were communicating to the AI only. Nowadays, technology allows gamers to share their experience. And they share it with random people who want to watch instead of playing for different reasons.

The reasons could be anything. Many of those grounds are actual at present too! For instance, the observer is a pro gamer searching for new projects to savor. In another case, the onlooker might be a gamer who lacks powerful devices that manage the games. Another story can show us a spectator who does not have gaming skills but is still there for unwinding.

Streaming media, powered by comment sections, accumulate vast audiences that react. This reaction is more than liking or disliking. Furthermore, it impacts the decisions of leaders of the industry. Of course, every game developer wants to see how the audience appreciates their project! And sure, developers want to expand their audience and attract new players. 

By the Way, what eGaming Is 

Being not aware of a term is okay. But we will change the situation with the term eGaming right now. So, you can interpret it as a synonym to any game industry online project. The game can be of any genre, rating, quality, and focus. For instance, it can be a shooter, or it can be a strategy or a compilation of riddles for logic. Also, casino-like or actual gambling projects fit in this category too! A gamer might enjoy showing how they play Online Roulette, and it is equally valid. Still, there is a separate word for that, which is iGaming. 

6 Revolutionary Changes and How They Became the Reality 

1. Interactivity leads to inclusiveness

Before audience-driven games banged with popularity, the developers worked for actual players solely. The creators did not include people from niches that do not play their product. So, unchallenging game controls, varied plots, and representativity of groups were not the priority. 

Now when people also watch and comment, the developers make adjustments to their new projects. The controls become facile to operate, the entourage of projects diversifies, and so on. So, the viewers can become players without effort. Furthermore, they have more options for aesthetics as well. 

2. Popularity leads to convenience for everyone 

In the old days, good or bad, gaming as a full-fledged hobby was possible only if there was a PC or a game console. Options of gripping mobile games were narrow and repetitive. Nowadays, people can install games on their mobile devices with a swift click. Again, the catalyst of this process was live-streaming. Seeing how many people like a game, its developers optimize their products for phones and tablets. 

3. Commenting leads to the audience becoming the commander 

There used to be a much lower demand for games. The developers made concepts relying on their vision, and then offered their masterpieces to the audience. So, the game industry had to rely on luck more than on planning after a logical prognosis. 

In today’s era, the developers listen to their audience first and commence the implementation after. Oh, now people want fantasy? The developers will give you a fantasy setting with things you could not imagine. Maybe, some gamers yawn in boredom because they want adrenalin of horror? Here you go, a project you will try to erase your memory after to experience this thrill again. Do people seek ways to unwind by clicking one button and getting tons of gifts and wins? They can have three thousand casinos with different ambiance right on their phone or tablet. 

4. Communication leads to the growth of the community

Gaming communities and fandoms are now common things that used to be a rarity. Some projects become so well-known that companies start leaping to the stratosphere to meet the maximum demands. The gamers, in parallel, have all means to enjoy companionship with fellow connoisseurs from all corners of Earth. 

Internet companionships can be safe spaces for people who feel alone as no one else shares their value. Of course, that leads to producing art and generating ideas about favorite games on many platforms. And the developers observe that all with utmost attentiveness to later offer people what they want. 

5. The opinions lead to standards diversifying and transforming into niches 

The era of mass communication is only partly present. It rapidly concedes to niches that form right in comment sections of LetsPlays of audience-driven games. Now, there is no standard everyone should accept and appreciate, willingly or unwillingly. If players do not like the product, they will find another compelling game in seconds. So, the developers now take into account the peculiarities of niches. 

6. Watching leads to playing 

The more a person watches and dives into the lore, the more they want to try playing alone. Factually, watching a Livestream and experiencing a game alone is drastically different. When a person observes only, their discourse merges with the discourse of the player. Furthermore, the onlooker might not hold with the streamer. 

Given all we have said above, now the viewer can become the player with zero challenges. Now they will be the ones who decide what to buy and how to play. Thus, the audience becomes players, and the Wheel of Samsara turns yet again. 

Words in Finale 

The actual state of game development will not stay the same. Furthermore, it will change faster than a lightning strike. And who knows what novelties are on the doorstep of gamers?

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