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How To Style: Flats for Women

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There is no denying that flats are a staple in every woman’s shoe closet. Whether for a glamorous occasion, a date night, an outing with friends or just for the everyday commute, flats for women can be your best footwear whenever and wherever.

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Comfort is King

When picking the right outfit, the clothes you wear have to make you feel physically comfortable and confident in your choices. That’s why flats are a no-brainer; they are pretty to wear and pleasant to walk in. Plus, they are a safe style option when today’s fashion trends are not your cup of tea.

Styling the Modern Woman

The possibilities with flats for women are endless, and so are their style options. You no longer have to buy several pairs of shoes to fit only one activity; with the right pair of shoes, you can style these versatile pieces however you want and exude the dainty confidence flats offer photobooth for sale.


If the workplace dress code permits, you can skip wearing your heels and opt to switch up your usual business attire with either leather ballet flats or loafers. Take it from influencer Karolina Maras to style an outfit perfect for the office yet paired with sharp-looking loafers.

2.Formal Parties: A beautiful pair of flats is not just to be considered for the everyday commute and is your best style piece for the most stylish events. Dress your flats like Olivia Palermo did when she paired a flowy, sheer black dress with black pointed flats for Couture Fashion Week.

3.Date Night: Be it with friends or a loved one, flats are perfect for walking or dancing for hours. As seen on Instagram influencer Verniece Enciso, you can pair a comfortable pair of flats with shorts, a tank top, and a blazer to give you comfort and an air of sophisticated style.

4.Brunch: A comfortable outfit is a must when planning to go out for brunch and mimosas, especially when considering running errands afterwards. You can wear comfortable shoes while wearing a long slip dress paired with a button-down shirt to make you look fresh and relaxed.

5.Beach: This is the perfect time to bust out those flats and wear them to the beach! Pair your favourite bikini (and shorts if you are conservative) with any comfortable flat sandals, and this outfit should make you ready to brave the sun, sea, and sand

6.Maternity: Carrying a baby inside the womb will be no easy feat, so one must dress as comfortably as possible to avoid additional stress and untoward accidents due to the wrong style choices. Maternity leggings, an oversized shirt, a winter maternity coat, and some flat sandals or shoes would be perfect for style and comfort.

7.Everyday commute: Flats are perfect for any outfit you decide to pull from the closet. Be it worn with a dressy top, graphic shirts, jeans, or dress pants, the perfect pair of flats will take you anywhere you go without compromising style and comfort.

Regardless of how you wear them, a pair of good flats are definitely worth the investment. You can wear them however you want; the possibilities are endless! Whatever the occasion and whatever the outfit, these timeless pieces never go out of style and can elevate any wardrobe you are wearing while making you look chic and comfortable at the same time.

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