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The Importance of Safety Gear in Construction Sites

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Accidents and injuries are unavoidable on construction sites, but they can be minimised and managed correctly with proper construction safety gear and awareness programs. The team that works in the construction sector need to use at least the essential safety gear while they are on the field because there is always a chance of accidents or mishaps on the site. The site will have implemented safety measures, and workers will get the information regarding the dangers—you can put up several safety signs in the required places. However, still, these cannot guarantee 100% safety to the workers.

All workers need to be trained and given personal protection equipment (PPE) during working hours. The appropriate safety gear could be different depending on the construction site, but a few primary safety gears will be listed in this article. So, read on to understand the workers’ safety and essential pieces of equipment that will save them from injuries.

Essential construction safety gear to implement:

Proper head protection

Head injuries can be lethal and even cause instant death. Most injuries on the head are caused by falling objects or moving machines on the site. Wearing a solid and hard hat is the only way to protect your head from these objects—the hat must be a perfect fit because a loose hat cannot take the shock or pressure from the object that hits your head. To increase the cap’s effectiveness, you must wear a perfectly fitting one.

Eye and face protection

You have to protect your face and eyes from the gases, fluid and heat that emanate from the construction site. Debris from the burning and cutting/breaking of raw materials can irritate and even harm your eyesight. The only way to protect your eyes is by wearing proper goggles, and a face mask also works for covering your face/mouth.

Respiratory protection

As mentioned in the previous point, a mask is necessary, but when you are in a site where chemicals and fire are used to manufacture the material, (a mask) won’t be enough. It would help if you had specialised masks with proper filters and respirators to protect your lungs from any damage.

Skin and hand protection

The protection of skin and hand depends on the type of work and substances you deal with. Gloves are necessary to protect the employees’ palms and arms (till the elbow). There are various types of gloves, such as chainsaw gloves, rubber gloves, heat-resistant gloves, and cut resistant gloves. If the workers wear proper gloves, injuries can be minimised to zero.

Hearing protection

protection of the ears is as crucial as respiratory and eye protection. Most people ignore hearing protection gear because the damage to your eardrums doesn’t appear visually. People who work on construction sites that produce loud noises all the time need to wear earmuffs.

Foot protection

Slip-resistant shoes are essential for people working in places where the floor is wet. Puncture-resistant and safety shoes are necessary to avoid damage and injury to your feet. People working in shipyards need these shoes the most, as they deal with heavy boxes and containers.

These are the essential construction safety gear you must use if you work on construction sites. When working on a construction site, consult with experienced people or the supervisor/man-in-charge to understand the basic safety rules you need to follow and the safety gear to wear.

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