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Yuvraj Singh and his legacy

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Sports play a major role in the field of entertainment for us. People love to watch sports. In India, people love to watch cricket. There are many cricket players in the Indian team which have lots of fans. Some players are famous for insane records while some are famous for their consistent performance. You can enjoy watching today match live video from any online platform. 

 One player who has a special space in the heart of every cricket fan is Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh is a player who has a great career and was known as one of a kind player. Yuvraj Singh has played many important matches for his team and has even led his team toward victory. 

About Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh played for the Indian cricket team from 2000 to 2017. He wore the number 12 in the Indian cricket team. He had an amazing career in the Indian team and helped his team in multiple ways. Yuvraj Singh was a left-handed batsman and an orthodox left-handed slow-arm bowler. He was a great hitter and use to come in at the position of 3Rd or 4th   in a regular match. Yuvraj Singh was a batsman which had a brute playstyle. He has scored a total of 11778 scores in his entire career. Yuvraj Singh was known for hitting big shots in a match. Yuvraj Singh holds a record for hitting 6 sixes in an over in the T20 world cup tournament. 

Yuvraj Singh was not only a hitter but also a finisher. He also carried his team through many tough situations and led his team toward victory. Yuvraj Singh was loved by fans as he was a powerhouse of our team which brought strength and energy to our Indian team. Yuvraj Singh was also a good bowler. Yuvraj Singh played the role of a spinner in his team. Yuvraj Singh has taken a total of 148 wickets in his entire career. These wickets include some great players in it which can affect the pace of a match at a critical point. He was also a Brillant fielder. He was known as one of the quickest feet and safest hands while fielding. Yuvraj Singh has saved a lot of runs for his teams while fielding.

International Career 

Yuvraj Singh was known as a great player in white ball cricket. Yuvraj Singh made his impact fell all around the world once he stepped into the starting team. Yuvraj Singh’s first international ODI was against Australia. This Australian team had great cricket legends in it and was known for having a great attack, but Yuvraj Singh cleared his path through this attack and made his impact fall. Those fine-cover drives in that match made it look so easy for him to easily punish the legendary bowlers of the Australian team. As discussed earlier, Yuvraj Singh was a great fielder. The moment when he made his debut in the cricket team, at that point Indian cricket team doesn’t have good fielders. Rather an Indian cricket team was known for having average fielding performance. 

Therefore, the addition of a player like Yuvraj Singh who was quick and have safe hands helped the team in improving its fielding as well. Yuvraj Singh made great long throws which lead to runouts of a major batsman. Yuvraj Singh in 2002, made the famous NatWest final heist with Mohommed kaif which helped the team towards victory. After that tournament, Yuvraj Singh made his permanent spot in the middle order of the team. Indian team used to struggle in the middle order but the addition of Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni solved the middle-order problems. Yuvraj Singh even played a major role in the victory of the Indian team in the T20 world cup 2007. 

Not only in that tournament Yuvraj Singh helped his team but also became the first Indian player to hit 6 sixes in an over. He played a major role in the semi-finals as well against Australia. Yuvraj Singh was also made the Indian team captain as well after further years before the Dhoni era. Yuvraj Singh also had to take a break from cricket due to a swerve problem but came back well for the Indian team. He struggled in the 2011 world cup tournament but eventually got back on track and played a major role in lifting the trophy of ODI world cup trophy after 28 years.   

IPL career 

His IPL career was also great. Yuvraj Singh played a total of 132 matches in his IPL career where he scored a total of 2750 runs and took 36 wickets in it. Yuvraj Singh began his IPL career in Kings XI Punjab (a.k.a Punjab kings) he was the captain of the team till 2010. Yuvraj Singh has played for different teams in IPL like Kings XI Punjab, Royal challengers Bangalore, Pune warriors, and Sunrises Hyderabad. Yuvraj Singh had a record of taking two hat tricks in one IPL season. Yuvraj Singh is also known for being the most expensive Indian player in the auction market of IPL. He was bought at the price of 16 crores by Royal Challengers Bangalore. He played his last IPL match for Mumbai Indians.

So, it can be concluded that Yuvraj Singh was one the most gifted players that have ever played the game of cricket. He was a very special player who also fought cancer and regained his form as well. This was a player who helped his team by clutching in the tough moments of a match. Indian teams can never have a player who can bowl, field and bat so well in a match. Yuvraj Singh was a complete powerhouse in a team, a fighter who never loosed on and off the pitch. 

Yuvraj Singh also holds many records for the Indian Cricket team. People loved him and cheered for him whenever he stepped foot on the pitch. He was also awarded the Arjuna award which was the second-highest sporting award in 2012, and in 2014 he was also awarded the Padam Srii Award. India will never forget and would always be grateful for the contributions and beautiful moments are given by their favorite 12 number.

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