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10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Table Shower

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Tips and tricks to help you find the shower of your dreams

You don’t have to be a decorator to find the perfect table shower. Some great tips, an idea of ​​what you like and you’re good to go!

1. A shower enclosure, the practical choice

Sold ready for installation in the bathroom, the Shower enclosure exists in different shapes (square, rectangular, quarter circle) and all possible sizes to adapt to all water features! Easy to install and inexpensive, however, it is the least aesthetic type of shower.

2. The practical and design shower enclosure

Very aesthetic, the Italian shower is a shower cabin: there is no difference in height between the bathroom floor and the shower tray, which also makes it very practical. Design and trend, it is fully customizable and can bend to all your decorative wishes!

3. An open or closed shower?

While the open shower is more modern and allows light to pass into the room more easily, its absence of a door prevents heat from feeling good in the shower and exposes your room (depending on the size of the shower walls) to splashes of color. ‘water. ‘water !

4. Choose the right materials for the shower column

If the aesthetic dimension is important in your shower, opt for column elements (shower head, taps, handles, etc.) in stainless steel, or even in brushed brass, which are more durable and aesthetic over time.

For finishes, the current trend is no longer just chrome: for a contemporary or industrial look, opt instead for matte black or white, brass, copper, antique bronze or even gold.


5. Bet on the thermostatic mixer

To switch from cold to hot water in the shower, the thermostatic mixer offers much greater comfort than the classic mixer, because it allows you to choose the water temperature in a much more precise way. And in order not to burn yourself when the latter is in the “hot water” position, choose a model called a “cold body”, which remains cold or lukewarm under all circumstances.

6. The shower column to vary the pleasures

Compared to the traditional shower set which only includes a hand shower, the Shower Column Plus incorporates a shower head. Practical, the latter gives you a wider and more enveloping jet, and allows you to rinse your head without having to hold the shower in one hand.

7. For maximum relaxation: the hydromassage shower column

If you want to feel like you are entering a spa as soon as you step into the shower, choose the hydromassage shower. Its nozzles equipped with massage jets will offer you, at your choice, very soft or more invigorating moments!

8. The right option: the seat!

To feel in the shower as in a bathtub, why not plan, right from the construction, to integrate a seat in the latter? If not, can you quite independently purchase a designer shower bench, seat or stool?


9. Don’t forget the storage space

To avoid having to put shampoo, body wash, razors and more on the shower floor, think about “storage”. For a 100% aesthetic shower, consider integrating them from the construction: a shelf at the level of the shower column or niches surrounding the shower, what better way to store your bathroom items well?

10. How about a double shower?

The double shower is an ideal solution for large families or couples: if more than you get up and wash at the same time in your tribe, with a double shower that includes two showers and two separate controls, no more arguments and waste of time in the morning! Of course, the double shower option implies some space in the bathroom!

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