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Cryovac Machine: What It Is and Why You Need It

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Preservation of food is an integral part of the culinary industry. History taught us that people used to dry their food under the sun as a means of preservation in the Middle East and Asia.

Thousands of years later, with the innovation of modern technology, we are already enjoying tools such as vacuum sealers. A commercial-grade cryovac machine is one of the most high-quality ones that you can find.

But first, you should know what a vacuum sealer is and why it is essential in your food production business.

Vacuum sealing is the process of removing all the air in the packages before sealing them. Before World War II, French people would pack their food using durable latex materials to preserve them.

In 1963, Dr Karl Busch, a German engineer, introduced the home and commercial vacuum sealers that we know today.

What are the primary purposes of vacuum sealers?

The main design of a commercial-grade cryovac machine is to preserve and store food. Put any food product in a sealable bag and use the vacuum sealer to remove all the oxygen inside it. This way, it can decrease the possibility of deterioration of any perishable good.

Restaurant owners integrate vacuum sealers in a few different ways. One of those is that it is cost-effective and can save time. With a cryovac machine, they can buy food in bulk, preserve them and have them stored for a week of production.

Vacuum sealing also saves their food costs and prevents them from producing more food waste. This reflects well in their profits and their services as well.

Restaurant owners also incorporate sous vide, or a method of cooking that involves using thermal circulators in cooking vacuumed sealed food. This is popular in restaurants that cater to individuals who prefer eating healthy.

Also, do you know that you can vacuum seal liquids? Of course, broths and syrups should be frozen first before vacuum sealing them, but this can guarantee longevity and avoid wastage.

There are other methods of cooking where vacuum sealers are helpful—for instance, marinating food. If you’re marinating meats such as chicken breasts, a cryovac machine will guarantee that the meat will absorb your sauce. As a result, it penetrates deeper into the protein, and you will indeed have flavourful meat once you cook it.

Cryovac machines can also be used in storing herbs and baby greens. Keeping the freshness of vegetables is crucial in food production. Having them refrigerated is not enough. This is why hydro shocking them is a better option. Using a vacuum sealer to store vegetables and ice will keep them cold. Thus, it will also extend their crispness.

Preventing mould is also one of the reasons why you should use a cryovac machine. Since mould grows and breaks down food and spreads them in the air, vacuum sealing is the primary solution to this problem. Cryovac machines remove the air when you seal your food so you can rest assured that your products won’t be interested in moulds.

In conclusion, cryovac machines can extend the shelf life of your food products. This has a lot of benefits for business owners in the culinary industry. Therefore, you should invest in the best cryovac machine that you can find and watch your business prosper more. However, you should evaluate all your options before your purchase.

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