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4 Reasons Why Pipe Relining is Better Than the Traditional Repair

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Getting nightmares thinking about the repair costs? And what about all the digging to replace and repair the drainage pipes? It’s stressful, to say the least. 

Have you heard of Pipe Relining Solutions? No? 

It involves relining old or broken pipes from the inside with a special resin solution. Once done, it creates a permanent seal on the drain’s inner side, which protects it for a more extended period. 

Yet sceptical about its benefits?

Don’t worry! Here is the answer to all your woes regarding pipe repairs.

Top Benefits of Pipe Relining Over Repairs 

Nobody cares about the drainage until it breaks down. And when it happens, it’s more frustrating to see the digging, leading to the destruction of the landscape. That’s why you need to ditch the old pipe repair method and choose pipe relining. 

Pipe relining, also known as CIPP (Cured-In-Place-Pipe), has many benefits over standard repair solutions. So, before your dig up your perfectly manicured garden or house to replace old pipes, check these benefits to make the right decision. 

  1. Pipe Relining Means Less Damage

It is enough to install pipe relining instead of the traditional repair and replacement. There is no visible damage to your property when you use pipe relining. Drain pipes go everywhere – driveway, paths and even your beautifully designed area. 

And traditional method leads to many trenches digging to find the damaged pipe and repair and replace it. On the other hand, relining allows the plumber to solve the problem without excavation.

  1. Save Your Time

When compared to traditional repair methods, relining saves you a significant amount of time. You already know that it takes weeks to complete the repair and restoration process of the drainage system. As no excavation is required here, Pipe Relining Solutions can save time and effort.

It takes a few days or even hours to analyse and resolve the issue. Imagine not disrupting your regular life and workflow. Isn’t it incredible?

  1. More Cost-effective

No digging, no labour charges, and less time-consuming – all these factors save money on repair and maintenance. The pipe relining removes the need for excavation, meaning lower labour and equipment costs. Even though pipe relining services may have higher material costs per metre, your overall expenses are less than the average repair charges.

  1. More Durable and Reliable

Relining involves coating the inner side of your old pipes with a strong and durable material. It dramatically increases the lifespan of your old pipes and makes them last for years. It further makes the investment more cost-effecting and worthwhile. 

It’s a one-time upfront cost you need to bear, and you can rest assured that it will stay put for many years. Besides, it also increases the flow capacity and keeps the pipes clean for longer.

Parting Thoughts

The benefits of getting pipe relining solutions are endless. Especially compared to the traditional way of repairing and restoring the drains. You cannot overlook the peace of mind it provides at the end of the day. 

Knowing that your home drainage system is renewed using a reliable and effective solution lifts the burden of the chest. The pipe relining method is quick, effective and stress-free. You can save thousands of dollars on repairs by relining the pipes at your home. 

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