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How to Get Ready to Work Again After a Long Holiday

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Heading back to work can be hard. It’s tempting to stay in vacation mode. No one wants to head back to work.

Unfortunately, we all have to return to work at some point. It’s best to be prepared before you step back into the office. Your boss will notice if you’re still clocked out.

Here are some tips on getting back to work.

Ease Into Work

Ask if you can do a half day on your first day back.

This gives you time to adjust and organize your things.

You probably need to reorient yourself. Things could have changed while you were away. You might need time to figure out where things are again.

There’s more that you’ll need to take care of than your work, too.

Mail has probably piled up. There could be thousands of emails you have to answer.

Your kids might be struggling with a new school year. Consider working remotely part-time. That way you can stay closer to your family.

Most employers have become flexible in regards to hybrid work.

Not all offices are demanding everyone return to the office.

Most employers are flexible especially if it’s only a short-term situation.


There’s nothing wrong with over-indulging on holidays.

Everyone likes drinking cocktails on the beach. Or maybe you’ve gotten used to relaxing with a bit of weed every evening.

Your body will need time to adjust to the change.

Don’t head to work with a hangover. Instead, take the time to sober up and get everything out of your system.

Do some research into how long this takes. Keep in mind that this is different for everyone.

Some people find it easier to detox than others. The longer you’ve been consuming, the more difficult it will become.

Try easing off instead of going cold turkey.

Moderation is the key to everything. There is no reason to change everything overnight. You can still look forward to drinks on Friday night.

It’s important for your body to take a break every now and then.

Don’t think of detoxing as a chore. Instead, view it as a way of staying healthy. It will also help you enjoy weed more.

The more you smoke, the higher your tolerance becomes.

Cutting back will save you money and help you get higher with less weed.

Stay Relaxed

Don’t totally forget everything you learned during your vacation.

It’s important to take time for yourself every now and then.

Think about your lunch break as a mini vacation from work.

You might not be able to have drinks or get high. But there’s no reason you can’t relax with a nice meal or take some time for yourself. Head out for a good walk and get some fresh air.

Taking short breaks will make you more productive.

It helps you stay focused while you are working. And it gives you something to look forward to. Encourage your colleagues to take small breaks every now and then.

Plan Ahead

You probably know when you have to head back to work.

Invest in some organizational tools like one of these great planners.

Technology can be great, but sometimes the old-fashioned way is better.

You never know when your phone will run out of battery. And software isn’t always reliable.

Writing things down will help you remember things better. Your mind stores handwritten information better than digital data.

Plan what you need to do and when. If you need to do some work while on vacation to ease back in, do it.

Your vacation days have already been planned. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to create a return strategy.

  • Talk About It

Your colleagues understand.

They know how difficult it is to get back into the swing of things.

Be open about your struggles. Talk with your friends and family about finding a good balance.

Flexibility and balance are key to everything in life.

Working too much will lead to burnout. However, you shouldn’t slack when it comes to work.

Having honest conversations can be tough, but they’re important to have.


Vacation is wonderful, but it doesn’t last forever. Plan so that you won’t be shocked when you return to the office.

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